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Our very own Social Media Management Package. As Social Media Marketing Professionals we’re able to get the most out of your social media pages.

We consider Facebook to be the most useful social media platform for businesses. It offers many different tools that suit a range of different businesses, including the sale of products and services. Facebook also allows for advertising and much like PPC advertising, Facebook Advertising’s potential is maximised when you have a skilled marketer putting the Ad together.

Of course, we do manage other social media accounts as well. Such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. We are also open to incorporating other Social Media platforms. Providing we see a need for your business to use them.

Our range of packages are tailored to fit all kinds of business sizes. Take a look below to find the right package for you. If you are looking for something a little different, feel free to get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for.


Facebook Users

That’s a lot of potential clients out there, looking for you.

Social Media Set Up


Creating Social Media Business pages need to be done properly. An incomplete social media page won’t just covert less, it will also look amateurish and can hurt your brand.

Facebook Advertising

£75 Per Month

£100 Set Up

Creating a great Facebook Advert requires knowledge and research. We will research everything relevant to create the best Facebook Advert, with the high reach and great conversion.

Stay Seen Package

£125 Per Month

– 3 Facebook Posts per week
– 1 tweet per week
– Add 1 update per week to either Instagram, Pinterest,  Google + or LinkedIn
– Monthly Report

Spotlight Package

£270 per month

– 4-5 Facebook posts per week
– 3 Tweets per week
– 1 Google + update per week
– 1 Blog per month
– Add 1 update per week to Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn
– Monthly report

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